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cashier, mechanic, police officer, bank teller, carpenter, judge, veteranarian, chef, seamstress, nurse, physician, teacher online , actress, waitress, custodian, artists,

a person who draws, paints or designs for a living, a worker who helps you make deposits in a bank online quizzes , a doctor; a person who helps people stay healthy, person who builds homes and works with wood, a person who takes your order %26 serves food in a restaurant, she works in a clinic and takes vitals when you are sick, a person who fixes cars so they run safely, a doctor who takes care of animals, a person who cooks and bakes food, a person who takes your money in a store when you pay , a person who cleans and takes care of a building, he keeps us safe and arrests those that break laws, a person who sews and makes quilts or clothes dynamic quiz , a person in court who decides if a person is guilty or innocent, person who helps students learn in school, a person who acts in movies or on tv to entertain,