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negative prefixes 10 qts

1. I was very nonsatisfied with your tone of voice. Please do not yell in my classroom. I Is the sentence written correctly?
disrespectful, respectful, inconsiderate,
2. To be a bit odd or not normal means you are a bit usual.
3. A 4C rule is to be polite when you talk to students and staff. We want you to be ....
obedient disobedient, obedient unobedient prepare quiz , Answer_3_(optional) crossword maker ,
4. Jesse cries easily when her feelings are hurt. She is very
5. To be able to do work by yourself means you are independent.
conscious, unconscious, unusual,
6. Try to be # to your parents because if you are # than you may get grounded.
TRUE, FALSE, computer assisted language learning ,
7. to not have skills in an area is to be incompetent
8. Drinking 3 sodas a day and 2 candies bars can make you very healthy.
TRUE, FALSE online activities , ,
9. I have seen many people knocked out and have brain injuries. When you are knocked out, you are...
TRUE, FALSE class web page , ,