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This is a PRACTICE ACTIVITY. You may repeat until you get 100%25!

Product, Service, Both Product %26 Service, group_name4,

Starts with a need, create online quizzes Satisfies a need, Something you DO, No re-selling, mix questions A consumer ends up with it, A factory sells wholesale, mix questions A store sells retail, A Distributor re-sells, Something you MAKE, A type of business, A grocery store, A doctor, An insurance company, Obey Clothing, A-1 Janitorial, Denny%27s Resaurant, Starbuck%27s, Target Stores, Jose%27s Shoe Repair, O%27Reilly Auto Parts, Lim%27s Taxi, a manicurist, a car wash, Chevrolet, Redlands Community Hospital,