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U9 The red bike

1. Where did ben and Grandfather go? They wento into __________________________________.
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2. What did Ben put on? Ben put on ___________________________________.
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3. What would Ben like for his birthday? He would like a _________________________________.
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4. How did Ben go home? He went home on his ___________________________________________.
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5. Yesterday Ben´s mum said, %22Do you want to go and see Grandmother and Grandfather?%22 %22Yes, please!%22 Shouted Ben. He put on his favourite shirt. They caught a bus and went to the village. There were a lot of people on the bus so they couldn´t sit down, but Ben was happy because he always liked going to see his grandparents.
some cakes, cakes, the cakes, , ,
6. What did they have in the afternoon? They had _____________________________________________.
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7. When is Ben´s birthday? Ben´s birthday is on ___________________________.
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8. What did Ben´s mum give Grandmother and Grandfather? She gave them ____________________________________________.
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9. How did they go to the village? They went to the village by _________________________.
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10. What did Ben´s grandfather give him? Ben´s grandfather gave him a _________________________________.
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11. %22Come outside with me%22, said Grandfather. Ben and Grandfather went into the garden. There was a new red bike outside. %22This is for you, Ben%22, said Grandfather. %22Now you can come and see us more often. Happy Birthday!%22 %22Thanks, Grandfather!%22 said Ben. Ben went home on his new bike. He was very happy!
new red bike, new bike, bike, red bike, , ,
12. At his grandparents´ house, Ben said %22Hello%22 to his grandmother and grandfather, and his mum gave them some cakes. In the afternoon, they all sat in the living room and had tea with cakes. Grandmother´s cat was next to the sofa. Grandfather said, %22It´s your birhday on Tuesday, Ben. What would you like?%22 Ben answered, %22A new bike, please!%22
bike, new red bike, new bike, red bike, , ,