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Arts 3 Natural and Man-made Environment and Nature Designs and M

1. Examples of Natural Environment
Natural Environment, Man-made Environment, Answer_3,
2. Examples of Natural Enviroment
Natural Environment, Man-made Environment learning , Answer_3,
3. consist of things and sites created by God.
bodies of water, cars, landforms, buildings,
4. Tree is a nature design
plant and trees, buildings, facilities, animals,
5. consists of structures facilities,building,churches,mall,houses,vehicles,cars,bus,airplane.
building, animals, tree and plants, vehicles,
6. is beautiful source of inspiration for artworks.
7. Computer is a nature designs
Drawing, educational games , ,
8. # is the process of turning scrap materials into reusable materials
9. # is the most favorite subject in drawing and painting
Nature, , ,
10. This way, more people will be able to know on how to care for the nature and to help in protecting the environment
Poster, , ,
11. # is a miniature model showing three-dimensional figures in a naturalistics setting.
12. # is a good medium for promoting enviromental concern and protection.
Recycling, , ,
13. # is a method of making designs in print with different lines or shapes
Diorama, , ,