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Music 3 Kinds of Musical Instruments

Brass, Woodwind, Percussion, group_name4,

French Horn, Piccolo, Recorder, Brass Drum, e-learning Trumpet, Flute, They can play the loudest sound in orchestra., save time Timpani/Tympanum and Kettle Drum, Tuba, Oboe, Woodwind, Cymbals, Trombone, print quizzes Cor Anglais, Woodwind, Snare Drum, Bugle, Clarinet, Woodwind, Triangle, by blowing air on the mouth piece (made of wood) , ESL Saxophone, Woodwind, Tamborine, by blowing air on the mouth piece (made of brass), Bassoon, Woodwind, Maracas, are made of brass or silver tube, Bagpipes, by beating, striking, shaking, scraping, or plucking, Xylophone,