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negative prefixes 2

1. I know how to do all the household chores. I can make all the meals, do my laundry, make my bed, and watch my little brother. People say I am very
immature, considerate, dependent, mature
2. Instead of being a good babysitter, I let my brother leave paint on the table, food all over the kitchen, and I ran around the house with him goofing around until midnight.
mature, immature, formal, insensitive
3. Johnny talked back and yelled at his dad when he was told he could not go to the football game because he didn%27t follow the rules at home. Johnny had been
unrespectful, disrespectful, obedient, dishonest
4. Sara thought Chad was really cute. She thought he was
unattractive, unusual, attractive, unconscious
5. learning When Ken fell off the chair lift and hit his head, no one could wake him up. He was knocked
avoidable, unavoidable elearning , conscious, unconscious
6. People kept telling me the Elves made my Christmas present, but I didn%27t believe them. I was ... they were real.
convinced quiz generator , unconvinced, saisfied, believable
7. I know french fries, ice cream and homemade cookies are ......., but I just love them!!!
healthy, attractive, unhealthy, unpopular
8. print quizzes to be rude
considerate, inconsiderate, formal, informal
9. wrong
correct, competent, dependent, incorrect
10. odd or not normal
unusual, unfriendly, unconvincing, unattractive
11. to stay away from
avoidable, unavoidable, disavoidable, inavoidable