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Internet Safety Vocabulary

Review your internet safety vocabulary from the FBI Internet Safety website through these matching activities before taking the assessment.

Website that allows people to talk, share interests, etc. educational activities , Special software that prevents computers/files from infection, Telling an adult about inappropriate online info, etc. english , Freedom from danger or risk while on the internet, How a predator tries to gain the trust of a child for bad reasons, Messages sent %26 received electronically over internet, Ability to control what info you reveal over the internet create online tests , Sending hurtful messages/pics to a person over the net, Good computer and internet manners , Secret word or code used to access a computer dynamic quiz , Playing games usually while communicating w/other players, Sending sexually explicit text messages/pics b/t cell phones, Website contains trusted content from respected source, Someone who is present %26 does nothing to help the situation, Online, realtime conversation between two people print quizzes , Portable device that makes/receives phone calls, Person who uses internet to attempt to abuse children learning , Quoting books, authors, etc. to support where info was found, Act of using another person%27s words or ideas as your own, Online, realtime discussion group for several people, Unauthorized use/reproduction of copyrighted material, Legal right to copy, publish, sell or distribute an original piece , Helps prevent theft from a 3rd party on the internet,

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