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Unit 12

1. pinch
pinchs, pinchis, pinches, pinchz
2. toss
tosss, tosses, toses, tossis
3. dish
dishes, dishis class web page , dishs, dishz
4. chipmunk
chipmunkes, chipmunks, chipmunkz, chipmunkis
5. mix questions box
boxis, boxs, boxes, boxiz
6. crunch
crunchs, crunchis, crunchz, crunches
7. unzip
unzipes, unzipis, unzips, unzipz
8. sting
stings, stingz, stinges, stingis
9. e-learning The kids had six _______.
classes, classis, classs, classz
10. The pup had wet _____.
kisss, kissez, kisses, kiss
11. Sid ______ to get the ball.
rush, rushis, rushz, rushes
12. I had _______ on my left leg.
rash, rashis, rashes, rashs
13. The _____ are in the branches.
bates, bats, batz, bat
14. We had to go to ______.
work, wurk, werek, worck