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verbs 1

Welke vormen van de onregelmatige werkwoorden horen bij elkaar? Je hebt 1,5 minuut de tijd!

to choose, to go, to think, to ring, to bite, to read, to find online learning games , to breed, to fall, to draw, to cost , to cut, to make, to feel, to give, to speak invite students , to sell, to cost, to shake, to give, to get, to write, to learn, to catch, to do, to set, to throw, to win, to forget, to put, to take, to buy, to sleep , to have, to hurt, to send, to hang, to pay, to keep, to drive, to come, to meet, to hit, to spend, to fly, to be, to lose, to say, to begin online , to hold , to broadcast, to build, to break, to hear, to leave, to see, to know, to eat generate answer keys , to stand, to run,

held - held, felt - felt, came - come, found - found mix questions , bit - bitten, drove - driven, gave - given, cut - cut, hit - hit, put - put, had - had, built - built computer assisted language learning , hung - hung, flew - flown, paid - paid, saw - seen, forgot - forgotten distance learning , rang - rung teaching , said - said, threw - thrown teacher , began - begun, read - read, won - won, heard - heard, went - gone, drew - drawn, broadcast - broadcast, ran - run, kept - kept, cost - cost, fell - fallen, thought - thought, set - set, was/were - been printable , learnt/learned - learnt/learned, met - met, sent - sent, lost - lost, left - left online activities , hurt - hurt, made - made, bought - bought, gave - given, chose - chosen, wrote - written, spent - spent crossword maker , knew - known, slept - slept, shook - shaken, took - taken, stood - stood, got - got, ate - eaten, sold - sold, caught - caught, broke - broken, bred - bred, did - done, spoke - spoken, cost - cost,