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Scientific Method (copy)

1. print quizzes observations made by measurements
quantitative observation, manipulated variable , responding variable, data
2. factor that is being tested in an experiment
independent variable, eperiment and observe, experimental group, inference
3. educated guess
hypothesis, quantitative observation, manipulated variable , responding variable
4. observation using your sense
qualitative observation, control group, manipulated variable , hypothesis
5. also known as independent variable
manipulated variable , dependent variable, inference, if and then
6. group that does not recieve independent variable
control group, data, hypothesis, inference
7. does recieve independent variable
experimental group, eperiment and observe prepare quiz , dependent variable, if and then
8. an opinion or explanation based on observations
inference, hypothesis, observation, qualitative observation
9. step that comes after making hypothesis
eperiment and observe online learning games , if and then, control group, observation
10. step after experiment and observe
analyze date, dependent variable, if and then, controls
11. the car is yellow
observation, qualitative observation crossword maker , quantitative observation, manipulated variable
12. 2 words that should be in a hyothesis
if and then, manipulated variable , experimental group, qualitative observation
13. information gathered in experiment
data, if and then, experimental group, hypothesis
14. class website all the factors in experiment that are the same
controls, hypothesis, eperiment and observe, control group
15. also know as dependent variable
responding variable, if and then, quantitative observation, experimental group