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SD 11: Web Technology Terms

1. This is a program that converts text files into executable applications. Its name is #
Function, Span, Compiler, Style,
2. An arrangement in which a service provider allocates space for your equipment is known as #
Web Feed, Compiler, Document Object Model, Object Oriented,
3. A style of programming that links data to the processes that manipulate it is called #
Web Feed, TInyURL, Co-Location school , Span,
4. A service that can provide a complete business network for an organization is called a #
Function, Dynamic HTML (DHTML) distant learning , Browser Detection, Web Feed,
5. A stand-alone, reusable segment of program code that is not part of an object is called #
Dynamic HTML (DHTML), Co-Location, Style online quizzes , Span,
6. A method of syndicating and delivering Web content is called #
Span, Object Oriented, TinyURL, Compiler,
7. An XHTML element or attribute that overrides any specifications in a linked style sheet is known as #
Web Feed, Browser Detection, Document Object Model (DOM), Co-Location,
8. An XHTML element that applies styles to text that you specify, but is not placed in the %3chead%3e element of a document is called #
Style, Span, Function, Object Oriented,
9. A combination of HTML, script, styles and the Document Object Model (DOM) that provides Web page interactivity is called #
Co-Location, TinyURL, Span, Web Feed,
10. The ability to use the DOM and discover particular aspects of a user agent is known as #
Function, Style, Span, Application Service Provider (ASP),
11. A service that uses a database to create shorter references to Web pages is called #
Compiler, Dynamic HTML (DHTML), TinyURL, Span,