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A famous volcano is ..., Around which ocean are there many volcanoes? activity , What are the most common rock types around Ballina?, What colour is limestone, What is a stone mason?, Iceland is referred to as ... ESL , Old Faithful is ..., What shapes are volcanic mountains?, What colour is coal, what is a geyser?, what is a crater?, Around which ocean are there relatively few volcanoes?, Basalt is (what type of rock), what is a tremor?, what is lava?, marble is (what kind of rock),

land of fire and ice, grey, Atlantic , A mild version of an earthquake, a geyser in America, black interactive , cone , a hot spring that bursts from the ground, Hot melted rock that flows out of a volcano, sandstone and limestone quiz generator , a person who cuts and builds with stone grading , metamorphic, igneous, a large hole created in a mountain after an eruption, Pacific, Vesuvius,