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France Review

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most difficult and expensive kind of French cooking., soup stock made from vegetables or meat, salad dressing with wine vinegar, oil, and seasonings, all your ingredients and tools prepared %26 ready to cook., light buttery yeast roll, to fry in a small amount of oil or butter, very thin pancake rolled around a filling, cut into evenly shaped square pieces. 1/2%22 on each sid, cut food into 1/4%22cubes , long pastry filled with fruits or creme., an egg and cream pie., cut food into pierces that are as small as possible. English create online tests , main dish or course of a meal, a long crusty loaf of French bread, to set a dessert soaked in alcohol on fire., mixture of flour and melted butter used to thicken liquids., to cut food into small, irregular pieces., cutting vegetables into long skinny strips, mustard created in France, vegetables cut into very little square pieces. French, appetizers,