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U9 Statements %26 Questions

STATEMENTS, QUESTIONS, group_name3, group_name4,

The lion sits near a tree, Where is the rest of the pride, Who is your brother, I´m vegetarian, My favourite team is the CADI, Who won the champions league, Where do you live, tool for teachers She is french, They are going to Brazil, Is Mike Donovan your hero, Ted Mosby is an architect, Perseus was a greek hero, computer assisted language learning Do you like chocolate, Who is jumping on the bed, Lost is a great TV show, Is Sawyer lost in the island, Kate is in love with Sawyer, Is Jack a doctor, Is Ana Lucia a cop, There come the others, Where is the temple, Who won the last Stanley Cup, crossword maker Is Roger the best tennis player, Nadal is the best spanish tennis player, quiz Where is the lion, Michael Jordan was a great basketball player, quiz builder Does Jin speak english, Sayid didn´t die, web pageWhere do I put the question mark, The statements end with a full stop, I don´t like Ben, Is Locke alive,