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6-2.1 --- Characteristics of Organisms

stimulus, asexual reproduction, example of an autotroph, examples of basic processes of life, autotrophs, egg, photosynthesis, energy, example of response activity , reproduction, example of an heterotroph, sexual reproduction, examples of environmental stimuli elearning , response, growth, respiration distance learning , heterotrophs, examples of resources all organisms must obtain, characteristics that ALL living organisms share, development, sperm,

provide their own food for energy, required for organisms to grow and develop, plants, when an organism reacts to a change in the environment, food, oxygen and water, female reproductive cell, produce offspring with similar traits as parents, must find an external source for food, process by which energy is released from food active teaching , male reproductive cell, process by which organism becomes larger, process by which green plants make food, involes only one parent; offspring identical to parent, change in light, temperature, water, space, food or sound, a loud sound causes a person to jump, organism becomes more complex structurally, two parents; offspring different from both parents online quizzes , change in environment that causes organism to react, animal, grow/develop, respond to stimuli, use energy, reproduc, growing and developing, or repairing injured parts,