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Early River Valley Civilizations

Fertile Crescent, Polytheistic, Dynasty, Monotheistic, Phoenicians, Mesopotamia, Pharaoh, Domestication, Code of Hammurabi, Assyrians, Settler, Nomad quiz builder , Monarchy, Neolithic Revolution, Mummification, Cuneiform,

The belief in more than one god, Sumerian writing made by pressing wedge shape into clay, Warrior group who ruthlessly conquered neighbor areas, Process of embalming and drying corpses to prevent decay, Shift in lifestyle from nomadic to settled lifestyle, First set of written laws known for uniting society, Government ruled by a king or queen crossword maker , Sailing %26 trading people who had colonies on Mediterr. coast, River valley located between Tigris %26 Euphrates river save time , Person who settles into a location permanently, The belief in one god, Area of fertile land stretching from Egypt to Mesopotamia, Taming of animals for human use such as work, Person who moves from place to place, A series of rulers from the same family, Ancient Egyptian kings,