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European Exploration Vocabulary

Conquistador, Bacon%27s Rebellion, Hernan Cortes, Royal Colony, House of Burgesses, John Smith, Protestant Reformation, Missionary online quizzes , Columbian Exchange, Renaissance teacher , Colonization, Toleration Act school , Great Migration, Magna Carta, Proprietary Colony, Juan Ponce de Leon, Puritans, Mayflower Compact quiz generator , Pequot War school , Quaker, Indentured Servant,

Religious movement trying to reform Roman Catholic Church in Englan, Many Puritans migrate from England to North America in 1620, English explorer who found and governed Jamestown, 1st agreement for self-government in America, Colony owned and ruled by one person chosen by King/Queen, Period of rebirth in art, literature, and learning in European history, Revolt led by farmers against N.A.attempting to gain more land multiple choice questions , First elected legislative assembly in the New World, Religious group who came to America for religious freedom, Take over an area putting its government in charge, Signed by King John in 1215, limiting the power of the king, Spanish explorer who discovered and named Florida crossword maker , Religious group that was against violence; refuse to carry guns, Exchange of animals %26 plants between America %26 Eur., Act passed allowing freedom of worship for Christians in MA, Someone who converts others to a particular religion, Colony under direct control of the king school , Spanish explorer who led conquest of Aztec, Laborer who works without pay in exchange for trip to USA, Spanish soldiers who sought riches and power, Conflict between settlers and N.A. over land %26 trade in Connecticutt,