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American Revolution

Introduction to the D of I is called the , Location of Valley Forge, An advantage of the British before the war, General Burgoyne, Purpose of government, according to the D of I, An advantage of colonists before the war, Considered the turning point of the War, French fleet came to the rescue here, Two people that signed the Treaty of Paris from the colonist side?, Name for warfare by colonial militia in Southern colonies, General Cornwallis, Complaints in the D of I are called this, Loyalist, Paul Revere, Francis Marion, Place GB marched to in order to snatch weapons from colonists, Location of Yorktown, Important document declaring independence from GB, Tory, Someone who chose not to get involved was remaining_____, George Washington, A complete and often violent change in government or leaders, Battle of Saratoga took place here, Hessian, Location of Bunker Hill, Where Treaty of Paris was signed mix questions , Location of 1st and 2nd Continental Congress, Document that ended the war class web page , Thomas Jefferson, cold winter in the Continental army, Sam Adams, John Hancock, Continental Congress invite students , Which side had greater morale to win the Revolution?, Battle of Trenton took place here, Patriot, Friedrich Baron von Steuben,

led the Continental Army to victory, British general; plan at Saratoga fails, John Adams and Ben Franklin, Prussian military expert; trains Continental army at Valley Forge, Made a ride from Boston to warn minutemen of British march to Concord educational games , Group that sigend the Declaration of Independence, guerrilla, Valley Forge, Virginia, German soldiers hired by Britain; defeated at Trenton, Revolution, Paris, France, Largest army and navy in the world tool for teachers , the Americans, another term for a Loyalist, Treaty of Paris, Feels that some colonists should be more thankful for their British upbringing web 2.0 , Battle of Saratoga, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania create online quizzes , Pennsylvania, Declaration of Independence, New Jersey, outside of Boston, Massachusetts crossword maker , Neutral distant learning , this %22swamp fox%22 kept the British on their toes and frustrated in South colonies create online quizzes , Battle of Yorktown, to protect the rights of tis people, Knowledge of the land; knew the geography, Author of the Delcaration of Independence, warned to get out of Lexington and Concord, Grievances, Preamble, Concord, Feels that England has taken away basic freedoms, Exhuasted by guerrilla warfare in the South and surrenders at Yorktown, New York, President of the Continental Congress; 1st to sign D of I,