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Gatsby Ch 4-6

1. Describe Nick%27s mode of transportation to his NYC lunch date with Gatsby.
he rides there with Daisy , he catches a cab, he walks along the railroad, Gatsby picks him up in his nice car
2. Where did Gatsby FIRST say he grew up?
New York City, Middle West, San Fransisco , Middle West, Chicago , West Egg, Long Island
3. What type of shady business is Mr. Wolfsheim involved in?
dentistry business, movie business , gambling business, clam-digging business
4. interactive learning According to Jordan Baker, how old was Daisy when she first met Gatsby?
21 , 28, 18 , 14
5. Why does Nick think his house is on fire one night?
because of the brightness of Tom and Daisy%27s house, because of the brightness of Gatsby%27s house, because it was on fire, because Gatsby had wrapped Christmas lights around it
6. What aspect of Nick%27s house is Gatsby so hung up on before Daisy is supposed to visit?
the chipping exterior paint , the garden gnomes, the lack of a flower garden, his unkempt grass
7. What adjective best describes Gatsby and Daisy after they are first reunited?
smelly, vibrant , scared, embarrassed
8. What feature of Daisy%27s house is visible from Gatsby%27s house?
wrap-around porch, green light at the end of the dock, red light at the end of the dock, kitchen window
9. web pageWhat aspect of Daisy does Nick think strikes Gatsby the most?
her patterned dresses improve results , her blue eyes, her voice, her cankles
10. educational games What is Gatsby%27s legal name?
James Gatz, Jay Gatsby, J. Gopher, John Graft
11. stimulate your students Which of the following is NOT one of the jobs Gatsby held on Dan Cody%27s yacht?
skipper, chef, secretary , steward
12. How do Tom, Sloane, and the woman travel to Gatsby%27s house?
by limousine , by helicopter, on horseback , by hydroplane
13. What does the woman without a name request of Gatsby and Nick?
she invites them to dinner , she invites them to the cinema, she asks Gatsby to loan her some money, she wants the two of them to work for her
14. At his party, what does Gatsby introduce Tom as?
bowler , gambler , his brother , polo player
15. Where do Daisy and Gatsby run off to during Gatsby%27s party?
Nick%27s kitchen , his library, Nick%27s front steps, his garden
16. crossword maker What is the purpose of Miss Baedeker%27s drunkenness?
it shows that Gatsby has alcoholic friends, it has no purpose at all, it supports the fact that they sat at the %22tipsy%22 dinner table, it brings awareness to alcoholism
17. What does Tom accuse Gatsby of being?
a woman , a world-class poker player, a bootlegger , a really great guy
18. What does Gatsby plan to do with Daisy if she ever ends it with Tom?
run off to the West Indies to do scientific research , marry her in Louisville , never marry her , marry her in West Egg
19. What memory of his relationship with Daisy does Gatsby have at the end of chapter six?
the day he ate a juicy Big Mac , the day he left for war, their first kiss, the day he first saw her