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Unit 10 Cloze

splash, splits, sprint, shrimp. prepare quiz , strap, scrub ESL , strand, crunch, spend, blind, crust, strong, trunk, blimp, plants, spills,

The Goodyear ____ flew over the race. , I had to ____ fast to get to class., I had to ___ the floor because it was dirty., My kids do not eat the ___ of their sandwich., The man was ____, he could not see., The tree ____ has a chunk missing., The man looked ___ because he was carrying 10 boxes., The wii remote _____ is loose., There is a ____ of hair in my face., The kids in the pool were going to ____ me with water. teacher , Mrs. Koch is allergic to ____., It is okay if the water ____ spills outside. activity , I am not able to do the ____ in gym class. , Don%27t ____ all of your money in one place., There was a loud _____ when she crushed the bug. class page , The green ____ were dying because they had no water.,