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The Great Depression

1. Which statement is true about the Great Depression?
excess inventory, increase in unemployment, steep decline in prices, upturn in the stock market,
2. What happened in the presidential election of 1936?
It was confined to the United States, It was relatively mild in the US but severe in Europe crossword maker , It had severe effects worldwide, It mostly affected the US and Latin America,
3. How does a depression differ from a recession?
1920-1925, 1926-1930, 1930-1936, 1940-1945,
4. At the depth of the Great Depression, about what percentage of the American labor force was unemployed?
Open Door, New Deal, Fair Deal, New Frontier,
5. Which of the following descriptions of the American economy during the 1920s is not accurate?
the election had to be decided by the House of Representatives, FDR lost to his republican challenger distant learning , FDR narrowly won re-election, FDR won re-election by a landslide,
6. In political cartoons, the technique of caricature involves
neutrality, imperialism, communism, isolationism,
7. The stock market crash leading to the Great Depression occurred in
the exxageration of certain features or mannerisms, clever captions, the absence of color, only realistic images,
8. In his first Inaugural address in 1933, President Roosevelt spoke out against
careful research of the company, agreement with the broker to sell if the price rises to a certain level, borrowing funds from a brokerage firm, selling stock in one company in order to invest in another,
9. On which region of the country did the Dust Bowl have the greatest impact?
People had nothing else to do with their money, Interest rates were low, Investment in real estate was unpopular, There was a get rich quick spirit in the air,
10. Which period is associated with the Dust Bowl?
The economy grew very slowly, COnsumer goods were slow to achieve popularity, The textile and coal industries boomed, Overproduction resulted in top-heavy business inventories,
11. An important goal of the TVA was to
October 1928, June 1929, October 1929, December 1929,
12. In the 1930s, which of the following best describes the foreign policy of Japan?
It is milder, It is more severe, There is very little difference between the two, A recession takes place on a global scale,
13. One of Roosevelt%27s first acts was to
2 years, 5 years, 8 years, over 10 years,
14. Why was the Social Security Act important?
fear, economic exploitation, foreign aggression, inflation,
15. What does buying a stock %22on margin%22 involve?
stayed on their farms and endured hardships, were unfairly deported from the US, joined the fundamentalist movement, migrated from the Dust Bowl region, often to California,
16. During the Great Depression, President FDR called the group of programs he proped for relief, recovery, and reform the
close the banks for 4 days, call out the army to restore order in Washington DC, urge farmers to produce more crops, call for a global economic conference of industrial nations,
17. To what does the term %22speculation%22 in stocks refer?
stimulate a growth in prices for agricultural products, institute codes of fair competition for businesses, produce more electric power in the rural South, ensure adequate supervision of banks in the region,
18. Which of the following is NOT associated with an economic depression?
It provided funds for unemployed artists, It expanded immigration quotas print quizzes , It established an old-age insurance system for Americans over 65, It gave labor organizations the right to hold meetings in public,
19. Why was there so much speculation in the stock market during the 1920s?
Northeast, Southeast, Great Plains, Far West,
20. The Okies of the Dust Bowl were people who
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