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Tenses (Zeitformen in Sätzen erkennen)

Schiebe die Sätze in das Kästchen der entsprechenden Zeitform! Bevor du diesen Test absolvierst, erstelle dir eine kleine Übersicht zur Bildung der 4 dir bekannten Zeitfomen. Diese darfst du als %22Spickzettel%22 während der Prüfung neben dir liegen haben. Simple present simple past pres. progr. pres. perfect Verb in 1. Form Verb ed / Verb ing have/has Verb ed 2. Verbform have/has 3.Verbform

simple present, simple past, present progressive, present perfect,

I think of you every monday., The moon is shining brightly tonight., The plane flew to England., results The gardener didn%27t work yesterday., The firefighter has saved the little child., Our teacher is always very patient with us., He is taking care of his little sister., The spaceship has just landed on the moon., online learning games I couldn%27t see the shop assistant., The nurse is helping the doctor., We don%27t protect the nature enough., This author writes interesting books., help students assimilate material I haven%27t got enough fantasy., They have had a bad accident., I lost my cap in the park., The hair stylist is cutting the girl%27s hair., He wants to explore a new continent., She has just slept for two hours last night., We didn%27t sleep last night., Pssst. He is sleeping right now., The candles burnt down., I%27m not wearing a belt today. I%27m losing my jeans ..., They paid their rent., He didn%27t pay the rent., Listen! She is singing under the shower., I show you the way on a map., You are sitting in front of the computer at the moment., The little girl ran away., online education A mechanic is repairing the plane., The snow is melting., I have never been to Australia., She has had a bad dream.,