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1. Wahrsager
fortune-teller, crystal ball, moon, hero
2. educational games Glaskugel
crystal ball, trolley, candle, cap
3. Dussel
silly, candle, fortune, patient
4. wessen
whose, who, where, whom
5. Kerze
candle, cuddle online activities , firefighter, to cut
6. Tierarzt
vet, nurse, scientist, mechanic
7. klingen, sich anören
to sound, to take care of, to protect, to repair
8. Autor
author, social worker, scientist, sorrow
9. Wissenschaftler
scientist, universe, hair stylist, future
10. Verkäufer(in)
shop assistant, manager, social worker, mechanic
11. Geschäftsführer
manager, moon, strength, accident
12. tool for teachers Einkaufswagen
trolley, motorbike, gardener, horrible
13. Tochter
daughter, accident, fortune-teller, patient
14. Fantasie
fantasy dynamic quiz , soul, fortune, future
15. geduldig
patient, future educational games , soul, sorrow
16. Mütze, Kappe
cap, candle, solo, strength
17. unterstreichen
to underline, to take care of, to save, to protect
18. Mond
moon, strength, accident, candle
19. class web page Motorrad
motorbike, mechanic, fortune-teller, spaceship
20. Schicksal
fortune, sorrow distance learning , future, accident
21. an etwas/jemand denken
to think of, to save, to melt, to explore
22. Horoskop
horoscope, horrible, to explore, to take care of
23. Feuerwehrmann
firefighter, gardener, mechanic, astronaut
24. Unfall
accident quiz generator , to save, to explore, to protect
25. activity schneiden
to cut, to style, to underline, to protect
26. test frisieren
to style, hair stylist, sorrow, to underline
27. Friseur
hair stylist, to repair, social worker, to style
28. sich kümmern um
to take care of, to protect, scientist, to explore
29. reparieren
to repair, plane, mechanic, to protect
30. Flugzeug
plane, trolley online learning games , solo, to save
31. Kranken-schwester
nurse, to underline, own, soul
32. Gärtner
gardener, to take care of, hair stylist, accident
33. Sozialarbeiter
social worker, to protect, trolley, fantasy
34. Mechaniker
mechanic, to repair learning , hero, vet
35. Astronaut(in)
astronaut, moon, to sound, firefighter
36. eigene(e/s)
own, to sound, to think of, fortune
37. Held
hero, accident, future, spaceship
38. allein
solo, silly, social worker, strength
39. retten, sichern, (speichern)
to save, to sound, to melt, solo
40. beschützen
to protect, fortune, own, hair stylist
41. Raumschiff
spaceship, hero multiple choice questions , to think of, horoscope
42. erkunden
to explore, patient, strength, soul
43. Universum
universe, whose, manager, shop assistant
44. Planet
planet, social worker, to melt, cap
45. schrecklich
horrible build your own quiz , fortune-teller, candle, to protect
46. Seele
soul, author, hair stylist, scientist
47. Kummer
sorrow interactive learning , social worker, hair stylist, accident
48. schmelzen
to melt, plane, cap, horoscope
49. Stärke, Kraft
strength, solo, daughter, shop assistant