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Midterm exam practice multiple choice

These multiple choice will serve as some practice before the Midterm Exam. While you should take time to try this exercise, it will not count as additional extra credit toward the midterm assessment.

1. While officials with the NAACP such as noted intellectual W.E.B. Dubois criticized the ______________ plan of Marcus Garvey.
Back to Africa, Atlanta Compromise, Niagara Movement, Plessy case verdict
2. Within the late 1800%27s, a major piece of legislation reflective of the assimilation trend begun during the Jeffersonian era was the
Indian Removal Act, Tenure of Office Act, Dawes Act, Proclamation Act
3. In the late 19th century, Populists hoped the ICC would provide more effective regulation of
agricultural workers, railroad rates, land owners, factory working conditions
4. online activities Frederick Turner, a noted historian, wrote of the egalitarian and democratic qualities of the
MidAtlantic, Northeast, West, Southeast
5. Tammany Hall was a
Progressive reform charity in the North, corrupt political operation in New York City print quizzes , group of musical performers from New York, group of notable philanthropists from Boston
6. The initiative, recall and referendum were adopted by Progressive reformers but initially gained strong support among the
Whigs, Federalists, Populists, Democrats
7. The rapid industrial expansion of the postbellum period contributed to large scale urban poverty which the ___________ attempted to address.
settlement house movement, Great Awakening movement, Ghost Dance movement, assimilation movement
8. When Upton Sinclair%27s had his novel The Jungle published, most readers merely focused upon its revelations regarding
poor living conditions of immigrants online quizzes , manipulation of immigrants by urban police, poor sanitation when packing meat, manipulation of immigrants by political bosses
9. The _____________________ inspired a large number of American women to become involved in a variety of reforms in the 1800%27s.
First Great Awakening, Election of 1800, Second Great Awakening, First Industrial Revolution
10. The most famous advice book of the colonial period was Benjamin Franklin%27s
Poor Richard%27s Almanack, Suffolk Resolves, Sinners in the Hands of An Angry God, Olive Branch Petition
11. online learning games The colonial power which lost the most vast territory in North American from the 1750%27s to 1763 was
Holland, France online activities , Sweden, Britain