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Int 1 Computing Multimedia Revision

MPEG, Larger than a gigabyte, TFT, Resolution, OCR, Graphics tablet, Compression, Scanner web tool , JPEG, DVD-RW, Pixel, DVD-ROM, Floppy disk, Template, RTF, MP3,

Holds less than a CD, A file type for photos, A text file type, A sound file type, A kind of flat screen monitor, A movie file type, A ready-made presentation layout results , Software that reads in text from a scanne, A %22dot%22 that makes up the computer screen interactive learning , Draw on this to input your drawing, Holds more than a CD and you can write to it, The quality of a monitor%27s display, Terabyte, Hardware to input old photos, Holds more than a CD and you cannot write to it, A method to shrink file sizes,