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OOP Theory (Dominoes)

Morocco, Message passing, India, England, Inheritance, China, Spain educational activities , Classification, Scotland, Pakistan, Modularity, Methods, Identification of Objects, Reusable programming logic, Classes, Data abstraction,

Object or Class has taken properties from classes that already exisit, Are sub routines of the class an action linked to an object , Islamabad quiz builder , Can declare own objects after setting up a class/properties/methods printable , Call back code so that it can be reused at another time during execution, Categorise objects into into class which all share same object/properties, London, Unique object data like location/time /date, Objects communicating with one another to complete process, Baijing active teaching , Program broken down into processes to be worked on individually, New Dehli, Madrid, Glasgow, Rabhat, template/outline of all properties and methods that object share class web page ,