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Chapter 10

Confirmation, Sacrament, Baptism, Seven, Initiation, Grace, Eucharist, 3 Sacraments of Initiation, Ephesus, Good News, Chrism, Sign of the Cross, St. Paul, Courage, Laying on of Hands, Gifts,

Baptism, Eucharist and Confirmation, God%27s life and love within us is called _____, The sacrament that unites us to Christ through His Body %26 Blood, One of the gifts of the Holy Spirit, What the Bishop does at Confirmation, Number of sacraments celebrated by the Catholic Church dynamic quiz , City where St. Paul baptized 12 men, At confirmation and baptism we are anointed with this oil, A welcoming to a group or organization, The sacrament that strengthens us to be Jesus%27 followers, At Pentecost the Disciples recieved _____ of the Holy Spirit, The sacrament that welcomes us to the Church, sacred sign of God%27s love within us, Srengthened by the Holy Spirit you are called to tell others the___, Guided new believers to the early Church, The Bishop makes this on our forehead with oil,