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In picture 3, Allie prepare quiz , Katie makes, In photo 1, Katie%27s father, In the summer and spring, In photo 2, After school, Allie works for, Katie helps her parents, In photo 7, Katie, Every week-end, Sometimes, Katie, Allie always feeds Dusty, Look! Allie is, Allie often generate answer keys , Every saturday,stimulate your students , In the winter,

walks Dusty., after school., 25 dollars a week. class website , Mike is cutting the grass., Mike is washing a car. dynamic quiz , Katie works in a pizzeria., walking Dusty., on Saturdays afternoons. build your own quiz , Mike cuts the grass, is feeding the dog., is cleaning a table., Mike doesn%27t cut the grass. class page , cleans tables., has a pizzeria., Mike washes cars., her neighbours. quiz generator ,