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World History Review

Feudalism online activities , Globalization e-learning , Domino Theory, Appeasement, Civilization, Crusades, Absolutism, Laissez Faire, Lutheranism, Genocide, Dictatorship, Cold War, Columbian Exchange, Indulgence, Buddhism, Enclosure Movements,

Release from all or part of punishment for sin , Fencing off of common lands, making peasants move to cities, A religious doctrine introduced in India , Military expeditions carried out to regain Holy Land, Idea that if one country falls to communism, others will fall, Exchange of plants and animals between Old %26 New World, Movement towards a more integrated world economy, Form of government in which a person has total power, Political system that served as a system of protection for Kin, %22Leave it alone%22 Gov%27t should not play a role in the economy help students assimilate material , Period of political tension following WWII; Soviet Union vs. U.S., Religious doctrine salvation could be achieve by faith alone online , Complex culture in which groups of people share common element, A political system in which a ruler holds total power crossword maker , Satisfying demands in an effort to maintain peace , Deliberate mass murder of a racial, political, or cultural group,