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Practice Final Exam (TED)

1. The alphabet and coins came into general use during what time period?
Stone Age, Information Age, Middle Ages, Iron Age
2. What converts knowledge into a physical form?
Research, Industry, Development, Time Management
3. The criteria and constraints of a product or system and the determination of how they affect the final design and development are called:
Resources, Recommendations, Risks, Requirements
4. The productivity of a design may be established by testing a(n):
existing product, working drawing, prototype, mock-up
5. If a product does not meet the established criteria, issues related to:
workmanship must be investigated., quality control must be investigated., regulations must be investigated., standards must be investigated.
6. What is the furthest point in the design process?
developing a working prototype, planning the presentation, patenting the product, presenting the solution
7. crossword maker The exchange of information in a visual form, such as words, drawings, photographs, or a combination of these is:
logo, CD-ROM, graphic communication, visual design
8. A three-dimensional model is used for:
a line drawing, small batch production, simulating and testing design ideas, optimizing the manufacturing process
9. Which type of design project would testing a design using computer-based simulation be required?
rocking chair, baseball glove, screen door, Arch bridge
10. online education EDJ is short for:
Engineering Design Journal, Extra Dairy Journal, Engineering Day Journal, Engineering Diet Journal
11. Increasingly, technical occupations are in need of people that have:
specific career training, a diverse education background, a narrow and focused educational background, little to no training/education after high school
12. When solving design problems it is important to clearly understand what the actual problem is rather than the perceived problem. To accomplish this it is important to:
define the problem, classify problem, solve the problem, select the problem
13. A design challenge is given that says %22create a bird house, but do not let it cost more than $20.00 in materials%22. The cost of the birdhouse would be considered a(n):
requirement, example, constraint, criteria
14. The engineering design process is a series of steps that are:
optional, required to be followed, required for school, sequential
15. Which is an output device?
a computer mouse computer assisted language learning , a computer keyboard, a computer monitor, a computer microphone
16. online quizzes The ratio of the output force (load) produced by a working force applied to the effort.
Efficiency, Mechanical Advantage (MA), Work, Power
17. Type of circuit that only has one path for electrons to flow.
Parallel circuit, Open circuit, Series circuit, Short circuit
18. create online quizzes Nuclear energy from uranium is a :
renewable energy source, fossil fuel, non-renewable energy source, sustainable resource
19. quiz generator Lake Mead, the lake behind Hover dam, is an example of what type of energy?
electrical energy, mechanical energy, potential energy, kinetic energy