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Types of Evaluation

Categorize as diagnostic, formative, or summative the variety of evaluation methods commonly used by foreign language teachers to evaluate their students. In some cases you could argue that a specific method could be classified as any one of the 3 types. In such cases, consider how the method would be most commonly used and place the method in the corresponding category.

Diagnostic, Formative, Summative, group_name4,

daily work, daily classroom observations, multiple choice test, exam, prepare quiz analysis of student portfolio from previous grade, online quizzes brainstorming session at beginning of unit, quiz generator students ask each other questions to practice skill, online quizzes oral presentation, game to review or practice a skill, informal anecdotal or observational comments, teacher interviews students at end of unit, skit applying what student has learned in unit, completing the K of a K-W-L chart, distance learning student dialogues to practice a skill, ticket out the door at end of class, survey to see what students already know, culminating project , warm-up activity introducing students to the topic, , t,