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SD 11: Defining Site Development Terms

PHP, Communication protocol gives wireless devices internet access, An object based language adds interactivity to Web pages, Info that can be sorted, altered %26 stored for later retrieval, Establishes name recognition for a company or product, Imitates a computer, Operations of a web site eg file download times, file names, %22Shebang%22, Array, Series of commands used to format %26 organise info, Guidelines for ensuring Web accessibility to all users, Affects acess and appearnace of Web sites to customers, Java, ASP, Clients authatically receive new info about your Co., Lets text portions of web page be presented to wireless devices,

Relational Database, Used to point to the location of the PERL interpreter, The job of an emulator, %22Write one, run anywhere%22 is the motto for which application? , WCAG, Back End Issues, WAP, A collection of variables stored in a series online quizzes , JavaScript teacher , Push Technology, Branding, WML, Markup Language, Front End Issues, A scripting language for creating dynamic Web pages, Microsoft%27s original server side scripting solution,