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Essential Vocabulary 3-4

1. Joe was [furious] with himself for not standing up to Julia when she shouted insults at him again. It is his tolerance that makes Julia so insolent.
honest, tough, angry, disappointed
2. I only [glimpsed] the movie star’s back in the crowd before she was quickly ushered off. It was really ridiculous that I had been waiting for hours only to look at her back.
sneezed, glanced, blink at, stabbed at
3. This is a [genuine] diamond, not a fake. It comes with a guarantee.
sparkling, false, rough, real
4. Some mushrooms are [edible], but many mushrooms, especially with bright colors, cannot be eaten. They are poisonous.
tasty, fragrant, digestible, safe
5. Mr. White stepped on a mine and it blew up. As a result, his leg had to be amputated. Now he walks on an [artificial] leg.
false, wooden, bony, hairy
6. I didn’t see your bicycle, so I [assumed] that you had gone out. It never occurred to me that your son had ridden it to school.
reportedstimulate your students , doubted, thought, recognized
7. The banquet was held in an [enormous] hall. It could hold on thousand people.
dark, gigantic, ancient, dark
8. Mr. White gave a [lecture] this morning, and the audience was very impressed by it.
talk, description, warning, message
9. The dish tasted [peculiar]. I spat it out. I could not force it down. It didn’t agree with me.
strange, delicious, spicy, sour
10. Jull is happy to learn that she has been ____ to a not-away-from-home school in the downtown area. Now she is busy preparing to move back to live with her parents.
restricted, devoted, transferred, attracted
11. Amy is too ____ to openly disagree with her boss. Even in private, she dares not voice any displeasure.
courageous, timid, courteous, rude
12. quiz generator Bob didn’t pass the entrance exam last year. But this year he has been ____ for success. He has brushed up English, worked out math problems, and memorized historical facts.
arguing, accounting, seeking, striving
13. This dictionary needs to be ____. New words have to be added, and old-fashioned expressions have to be eliminated.
revised, recycled, reordered, reprinted
14. The villagers have decided to ____ against the pollution of the river. The are planning to march and chant. Then they will gather around the factory, making their complaints.
vote, battle teaching , protest, murmur
15. There is a wide gap between the south and the north of this country. While the north is poor and backward, the south is ____ and highly developed.
ambitious, promising, prosperous, admirable
16. My business is picking up, and I am planning to ____ my business to include two new offices.
expand, conduct, establish, suspend
17. Mr. Right’s speech was greeted with jeers and catcalls, but he still remained calm and serious, trying to face down the crowd with ____.
charm, dignity elearning , ease, enthusiasm
18. Your account to the accident doesn’t ____ to Jane’s. Yu said that the driver went through the red right, but Jane told me that the motorcyclist did so.
amount, contribute, refer, correspond
19. During World War II, Japan attacked China and ____ much of its land. Most the country lived under the Japanese flag.
cultivated, polluted, fertilized, conquered