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grade 9 Gerunds

1. I enjoy_____ to friends late at night
to talk, talk, talking, talks
2. we used _____ in New York
to live, live, living, to leave
3. web tool He can%27t stand _____ laundry
to do, do, does, doing
4. she never minds ____ us.
to help, help, helping, helps
5. I want_____ problems
solving crossword maker , to solve, solve, solves
6. I%27m good at _____ to people
to talk, talk, talking, do talk
7. I prefer ____ on the roads
to drive, drive, driving, do drive
8. quiz generator I would rather ____ by plane
to travel print quizzes , travel, traveling, do travel
9. I should ______ for a job very soon
look, looking, to look, looks
10. we must _____ that place
to visit, visit, visiting, do visit