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Activity_title /ow/ sound words

1. online activities Spelling of /ow/ in %22household%22?
ou, ow, o, aw
2. Spelling of /ow/ in %22output%22?
o, ow, ou, ough
3. Is %22encourage%22 an /ow/ sound word?
Yes quiz generator , No, Maybe, Maybe
4. What are the chunks in %22surrounding%22?
sur round ing, su rroun ding, su rr oun ding, su rround i ng
5. Spelling of /ow/ sound in %22allow%22?
ou, o, ow, ough
6. Spelling of /ow/ sound in %22underground%22?
ou, ow, o, ough
7. What sound is the vowel in %22soul%22?
/ow/, /ol/, /l/, /oa/
8. Spelling of the /ow/ sound in %22powder%22?
ou, o, ow, w
9. Spelling of the /oa/ sound in %22shallow%22?
ow, ou, o, w
10. Which word has the /ow/ sound?
meadow, tomorrow, allow, know
11. How many chunks are in the word, %22announcing?%22
1, 2, 3, 4