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cause effect

The effect of the Treaty of Paris on England, Effect of the Tea Act- reactions other than Boston Tea Party printable , The effect of the Treaty of Paris on France, Effect of Boston Massacre Trial, Cause of Intolerable Acts crossword maker , Cause of French and Indian War, Effect of Intolerable Acts, The effect of the Proclamation of 1763, Effect of Stamp Act, The cause of the Proclamation of 1763, The effect on Spain in the Treaty of Paris, The effect of the French and Indian War on Engand invite students , Cause of Sugar, Stamp, and Townshend Act class web page , Effect of the Tea Act on Boston%27s Harbor and fishes, Effect of Boston Massacre on taxes given to colonists, Effect of Townshend Acts, Cause of the Tea Act, Cause of Boston Massacre, Effect of Boston Massacre,

Boycott tea but upset that tax remains but price of tea is lower- sneaky!, Increased # of soldiers in Boston due to protesting=lots of tension, Tea party%27s destruction enrages England and wants punshment, Boston closed; quartering act; soldier crimes tried in England; no meetings, England is in huge debt after the French and Indian War; needs to raise $, Britain%27s population expands; wants to move into Ohio River Valley, Paul Revere creates engraving that is pro-colonist and anti-British, Act is repealed and people upset rights of English are not given to them as well online quizzes , Is kicked out of North America; England gets Ohio River Valley, Colonists angry but most ignore it; England sends in troops to enforce the line elearning , Colonists cross Apps and fight Indians, costing too much money for England, Boston Tea Party, England wants to show the colonists it still has the power to tax them, Left with huge debt (need to raise/save money), All taxes removed except for tea educational games , England now owns land from Miss. River to Atantic Ocean, including Florida, Lots of protests occur and act eventually repealed, Loses because sides with French; lost Florida England, Two soldiers are found guilty of murder but none are killed as punishment crossword maker ,