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Acts and Protest forms

Punishment for the Boston Tea Party, Sam Adam%27s group of Patriot letter writters, A response by Boston to 3 ships bringing tea to the harbor to sell build your own quiz , This means %22to cancel%22, Imaginary line drawn across App. Mtns to keep colonists safe %26 save $, Tragedy in Boston; began as riot then huge propaganda controversy, Large, disorderly group of people, After the Boston Tea Party, this was organized to respond to Intolerable Acts, A daughter of liberty that wrote plays to make fun of the British, Lots of signatures on paper showing dislike for something, a complaint, Placed a tax on molasses and made harsh punishment for smugglers, Placed a tax on lead, paper, paint, glass, and tea- UH!, A belief that colonists should only be taxed with representation, When colonists refused to buy certain goods and services; protest form, A famous colonist from Boston, talented at organizing behind the scene, The name of the lawyer and good speaker that defened GB soldiers in trial, Materials meant to persuade and be misleading to support one side/view , Placed tax on legal documents like wills, newspapers, cards, A way to show anger or disapproval of something class web page , British policy before the FR and Ind War; lax enforcement of trade laws, Committing a crime against/betryaing your country , Angry male colonists that form together to protest and take action web tool , A violent public disturbance, Tax on imports or exports , An act that cut merchants out of the tea trade, kept the tax, but tea was cheaper save time , Daughter of Liberty that wrote plays that made fun of the British, Tax officials most likely victim; pour hot tar and cover with feathers to protest, Women protestors that raised money and boycotted British goods, Legal documents let British officers on ship to search with no proof, Killing of lots of people without cause, A cruel leader that abuses his/her power,

Sons of LIberty, Grievance, Repeal, Tea Act, Townshend Acts create online activities , Protest, Salutary Neglect, Committees of Correspondence, Writs of Assistance, Mob, Tar and feather, Boston Tea Party, Mercy Otis Warren, Propaganda, Intolerable Acts, Tyrant, Boycott, Sam Adams, Petition, Tariff, Riot, Mercy Otis Warren, Treason, Massacre, No taxation without representation, Stamp Act, Boston Massacre, Daughters of Liberty short answer questions , First Continental Congress, Sugar Act, Proclamation of 1763, John Adams,