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UNIT SIX - C - Antebellum-Civil War-Reconstruction Multiple Choi

1. All of the following phrases correctly described the Confederacy during the Civil War except
it had a population of about nine million., it enjoyed military victories at First and Second Bull Run., the President had a six year term of office and line-item veto., it had a large reserve of food due to its agricultural base.
2. The Compromise of 1850 included
popular sovereignty for Utah, Missouri becomes a slave state, the 36 degrees, 30 minutes division line, Maine becomes a free state
3. The Compromise of 1877 resulted in
the division of the Dakotas into two states., the first transcontinental railroad being built in the South., the formal separation of West Virginia from Virginia., the ascension of Rutherford Hayes to the presidency.
4. Antebellum Presidents of the 1850%27s included
James Buchanan, Andrew Johnson, James Polk, Abraham Lincoln
5. Famous Radical Republicans included
Andrew Johnson build your own quiz , Ulysses Grant, Abraham Lincoln, Charles Sumner
6. quiz builder These terms directly relate to the employment of freed slaves with the exception of
Tenant farming or tenancy, Sharecropping, Crop-lien system, Redeemer power
7. The purpose of the Force (or Enforcement) Acts was to
impose segregated facilities upon the South, limit the president%27s ability to fire cabinet members, limit the power of the Ku Klux Klan, force Southerners to take loyalty oaths
8. Both Lincoln and A. Johnson supported the plan which required ten percent
of a state%27s 1860 voters to swear allegiance to the nation., of Confederate prisoners of war to swear allegiance to the nation., of a state%27s legislature to swear allegiance to the nation., of the border state population to swear allegiance to the Union.
9. During the Civil War, Copperheads emerged as
Abolitionists supporting emancipation, Nativists who supported Lincoln and his goals, Democrats who opposed the war effort, Whigs who favored George McClellan
10. All of the phrases were related to black codes except for (the)
Segregation of the 1800%27s, Civil Rights Act of the 1860%27s, Jim Crow of the 1800%27s, Plessy ruling of the 1890%27s
11. According to the terms of the Military Reconstruction Act of 1867,
weapons would be confiscated from Confederates., forty acres would be given to each freed slave family., Charleston%27s Fort Sumter would be rebuilt., Confederate states were to be divided into five military districts.
12. Impeachment means
force federal office holder out of office., veto legislation from a president%27s entire term. educational games , charge federal office holder with a crime. , find official guilty of a crime and imprison in a federal facility.
13. Minstrel shows were
the equivalent of Lyceums., political party conventions within the Southwestern states., travelling Freedmen%27s Bureau schools., entertainment including music, skits %26 Jim Crow characters.
14. It is logical that the Republican Party of the 1850%27s and 1860%27s officially favored all of these measures except for a
transcontinental railroad, restriction on the spread of slavery, high protective tariff, pardon for the actions of John Brown
15. The consensus among most historians is that Franklin Pierce, James Buchanan and Andrew Johnson were
unable to effectively deal with most problems of their time., able to build political coalitions that allowed the nation to prosper., able to meet the needs of most American citizens., all charming, affable people who crafted many compromises.
16. quiz The_____________ was favored as a piece of land which would enable the construction of a Southern transcontinental railroad.
Gadsden Purchase, Louisiana Purchase, Oregon territory, Mexican Cession
17. The originator of the Atlanta Compromise was
Booker T. Washington, Frederick Douglass, Edward B. Dubois, William L. Garrison
18. A vigilante was a
police officer who interrogated criminals before Miranda rights., Northern Democrat who started new balloting procedures., hostage negotiator who used conflict resolution techniques., citizen who took the law into his/her own hands.
19. ______________________, a famous history book, argued that segregation became more rigid within the late 19th and early 20th centuries.
Century of Dishonor, The Octopus, Strange Career of Jim Crow, Uncle Tom%27s Cabin