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World War I

Alliance System class web page , Woodrow Wilson, War of Attrition, Triple Alliance interactive , Propaganda, Reparations, Triple Entente, Armistice, War, Archduke Francis Ferdinand, Nationalism mix questions , Total War, Bolsheviks help students assimilate material , Imperialism, Soviets, Conflict, Militarism, Trench Warfare,

Complete mobilization of resources %26 people in war, Agreement between nations comomg to one anothers defens, Council composed of representatives from workers, Ideas spread to influence public opinion for or against a cause, Russian communist party that took over Russian gov%27t, Opposing armies fight each other from trenches dug in battles, Payment from any enemy for economic injury during war, To maintain a strong military and to be prepared to fight, State or opposition between persons or ideas mix questions , U.S. President who wrote Fourteen Points, Agreement to stop fighting, An active struggle between competing entities, Strong nation seek to take over weaker nations politically %26 social, Alliance between Great Britain, France, and Russia, Your national culture are superior to any other, Alliance between Germany, Italy, and Austria Hungary, Heir to the throne of Austria Hungary killed by a terrorist, War based on wearing other side down by constant attacks,