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In Reading test, you will read a variety of texts and answer several different types of reading comprehension questions. The entire Reading test will last 75 minutes. There are three parts, and directions are given for each part. You are encouraged to answer as many questions as possible within the time allowed. PART 1 Directions: A word or phrase is missing in each of the sentences below. Four answer choices are given below each sentence. Select the best answer to complete the sentence by clicking the letter (A), (B), (C), or (D).

1. What is suggested about Mr. Skolski?
what, both, and , with,
2. In the mail, the word %22due%22 in paragraph 1, line 4, is closest in meaning to
completed, completes, completion, complete,
3. What problem have customers been reporting?
efficient, efficiency, efficiently, efficiencies,
4. The staff of the document storage facility followed the auditor%27s suggestions for corrective action in ______ detail.
(A) turned, (B) skilled, (C) mended, (D) natured,
5. Since its repair, the central heating system in the Rayburn Building is now in ________ order.
drop, drops, dropped, dropping,
6. When will selection be announced?
on, from, into, of,
7. What item is NOT available for delivery?
supervise, supervises, supervised multiple choice questions , supervision,
8. When were the surveys collected?
earned, outgrown, expected, risen,
9. The license for the trial version of Exi 2.0 software is valid for the 30-day period immediately ________ the date of issue.
open, opener, opens, openly,
10. Questions 77-80 refer to the following information. Tylart Electronics Service %26 Support Tylart Warranty Service is provided for all Tylart computers purchased directly from a Tylart store or from an official Tylart retailer. Warranty service does not extend to computers repurchased from another seller or from a third party. To report a defect, call our national service hotline 24 hours a day at (310) 555-9807 or send an e-mail to If the problem cannot be solved over the phone or by e-mail, you will be given a case number and referred to technicians at an authorized service center in your area. If a Tylart Computer develops a defect within three (3) years of the purchase data, the customer is entitled to free repair at Tylart service centers. For a fee, customers can also have repairs done on site at their homes or offices. This requires making special arrangements with local service center. Service centers require a case number for all repairs. Computers in the first two (2) years of the warranty period are eligible for the Tylart Quality Exchange (TQE) program. TQE replacements can only be authorized by the national service hotline and are not provided at local service centers. Under the TQE program, a replacement will be shipped free of charge to the customer if Tylart determines that a replacement is necessary. Once the replacement unit has been received by the customer, the defective computer should be returned to Tylart. It is the proper shipping. Failure to return the defective item within five (5) business days of receiving the replacement will result in a charge for full price of the item. Who issues a case number?
example, display, measure , assembly,
11. According to the advertisement, what will the consultant do?
exclusively, exclusive , exclusives, exclusivity,
12. Questions 96-200 refer to the following e-mail. E-mail Message From: To: Date: May 12 Subject: Cumulative edition of World Science Dear Mr. Gerard, We have received quite a few requests from our readers to release an archive of World of Science magazine on CD. Both Andrew Stevenson and I have experience with designing computer interfaces that allow users to browse articles a CD. Using articles from the last three years, we have put together a small-scale sample presentation of what a World of Science archive could look like. If the idea is approved, we would be happy to create a comprehensive graphic interface for a large scale version that includes all issues, starting from the first one put out nine years ago. Janet Tobin Graphic Division E-mail Message From: To: Date: May 13 Subject: Re: Cumulative edition of World of Science Dear Ms. Tobin, This sounds like a good idea that is definitely worth implementing. You will be happy to learn that our editor in chief had been suggesting exactly the same thing and would be interested to see what you and Andrew have designed. I suggest we all meet tomorrow at 10:00 A.M. in room 12 so you can show us how it would work. In the meantime, do you think another year of World of Science would fit on the one CD? Next year, on January 12, we’ll be celebrating ten years of existence, and that would be an excellent opportunity to offer a larger archive to our subscribers. Warm regards, Dennis Gerard Assistant to Editor in Chief Why did Ms. Tobin write to Mr. Gerard?
before, forward, nearly, only,
13. Job seekers are advised to avoid discussing confidential business knowledge acquired _______ working for former employers.
commenting, commentary, comment, comments,
14. Most reports suggest that Hahm Plastic Coporation is currently deciding ________ to open new offices in Jeju City.
even, beside online quizzes , while, throughout,
15. Researchers at Gasnite Company have developed an improved method of _______ fuel from industrial waste materials.
like, for , to, among,
16. Highly _______ craftspeople are needed for the renovation and repair of the plumbing systems.
proved, attended, searched, examined,
17. The loan application process at Palau Bay Bank is very ___________.
sharp, sharper, sharply, sharpness,
18. Where are respondents told to write any additional comments?
will follow, follows, folowed, following,
19. Questions 47-49 refer to the following notice. When you order a product from the Dress Access shopping catalog, your name and address will be placed in our customer file. We collect customer ________ in order to
nor, than prepare quiz , or , but,
20. Marburg Electro Company is ____________ to report a significant increase in profits for the year.
motion, position, breadth, period ,
21. Questions 44-46 refer to the following article. The City Council of Montville would like to thank all those who participated in the fifteenth annual Montville Festival events on September 3-4 for making them a resounding success. Special thanks are ________ to the sponsors of the event, Montville Electronics and
dedication, dedicates, dedicated, dedicating,
22. Unlike traditional book publishers, P-Gram Books focuses ______ on producing audio books that can be downloaded from the Internet.
hold, raise, happen, regard,
23. Who was surveyed?
markedly , marked, marks, marking,
24. What is suggested about the items ordered by Mr. Ettinger?
within, until, during, inside,
25. Questions 71-74 refer to the following memo. From: James Bell To: Renaissance Table executive chefs Date: March 20 Re: Our twentieth anniversary To commemorate the twentieth anniversary of the Renaissance Table restaurant chain, we are assembling a cookbook containing recipes for some of our customers’ favorite dishes. In addition to a selection of recipes for our traditional French dishes and desserts, we would also like to include recipes invented by our chefs especially for the cookbook. The best submissions for original recipes will be included in a special chapter entitled “Kitchen Table Renaissance.” Bear in mind the following points as you prepare submissions for “Kitchen Table Renaissance.”  The final book will include a serving guide of dishes that go well together. If your recipe is for dessert, soup, or other item recommended as a side course, please make sure your submission includes suggestions for main dishes that it would complement.  We are looking for recipes characterized by unique flavors but also commonly available ingredients and methods of preparation familiar to the average amateur cooking enthusiast.  The cost of ingredients and nutritional variety are important, but dishes In this section need to be, above all, easily made by the average person at home in a minimum of time.  Selected dishes will be photographed later by a professional, so there is no need to include pictures with your submissions. All submissions should be sent by e-mail to by the end of April. We expect the selection process to take a little over a month, and the authors of the winning submissions will also be rewarded with a small cash bonus. We expect to have the manuscript prepared by the end of July so that we can publish the collection in time for the restaurant’s anniversary in November. What does the memo announce?
commerce, commercial, commercially, commercials,
26. advanced. Guests ______ that some services available on the premises, including telephone
extraction, extracts short answer questions , extracted, extracting,
27. How long is the warranty period?
Nevertheless, However ESL , Anyway, Yet,
28. Presidential candidate Christine Witherby spoke ______ yesterday about her proposals for budget reform.
when, who, where, which,
29. _________ inexpensive, most batteries available today will last longer than those produced a decade ago.
duration , schedule, organization, correspondence,
30. companies or any third parties, but we occasionally mail out printed catalogs featuring new items or special bargains. __________, if you do not wish to receive our printed catalog or other correspondence, please indicate that under your address on the other form, and we will not include you on our mailing list.
whether, since, whereas, if,
31. Questions 55-56 refer to the following advertisment. The Perfect Gift Imagine sharing a new, special picture every day of the year with friends and loved ones! Gold Coast Imagination, Inc., will use images that you provide to create a personalized daily calendar using images of special people, memorable places, or important events. Just go through your photo album and select the pictures you want to include. We will use your digital images or traditional print photographs to create a personalized gift. Birthdays, anniversaries, and the dates of special events can be indicated for no additional fee! One of our consulatants will help you choose from dozens of formats and styles. For more information, give us a call at (07) 7010 2390 or visit us online at Gold Coast Imagination, Inc. What is being advertised?
reliably , reliable, relying, relies,
32. What is indicated about tourism in Olsenburg City?
other, every, either, any,
33. Questions 57-59 refer to the following e-mail. From: To: Subject: Repair crews Date: May 10 Dear Mr. Miyakawa, The executive committee met this morning to discuss some complaints from our residential Internet subscribers. More and more of them are being asked to wait a week or longer for service from a repair crew. It seems that our customer base has expanded more quickly than projected, and technical support requests have increased by about 30 percent. This means that the number of technicians available to assist customers is now insufficient. The committee feels an expansion of the repair team is necessary to restore customer satisfaction. We are expecting even more customers to have our equipment installed in their homes, and with the present number of technical crews, we may not be able to handle their service needs. The committee has authorized you to recruit five more people who have the appropriate training. Best regards, Adelina Viera, Personnel Director E-last Internet, Inc. For whom is this message probably intended?
exerted, submitted, represented, experienced,
34. What is most important about the recipes in the special chapter?
between, through, despite, near,
35. and fax, charged separately form the room fee. __________ a more enjoyable stay, guests are requested to advise the hotel at the time of booking if particular services are required.
expensively, numerously, previously, publicly,
36. Recent sales figures contrast _______ with those prior to the lauch of Lido Foods%27 aggressive advertising campaign.
survived, survives, survive, survivor,
37. Aliflora, Inc., grows fifty varieties of roses ______ and is now the second largest exporter in the region.
working, practical , realistic, useful,
38. While offering similar vacation packages, travel agencies may charge _______ different prices.
event, sanction, adoption, convenience,
39. The Yunof brand of teas, ______ entered the market in Norway only three years ago, is already among the top five best-selling brands.
contrary, concerned, detached, remote,
40. What type of products will be emphasized?
hiring, has hired, is hiring, hired,
41. In the first e-mail, the word %22discretion%22 in paragraph 3, line 7, is closest in meaning to
assistance, reinforcement, locations, functions,
42. What is indicated about the local service centers?
Compared to, As well as teacher , In spite of, Ever since,
43. What will be discussed during next week%27s meeting?
ready, proper, due, apt,
44. Under the TQE program, what are customers required to do?
What, Some, Theirs, They,
45. Although the possibility of damage in transit is ________, the client has requested that the shipment of equipment to the Vadeleux facility be insured.
found out, took place, went into, threw away,
46. Mr. Schweizer has worked under my _______ as an editorial assistant for the past five years.
informs, informed, information, informational,
47. What did most survey respondents indicate about the airport?
inclined, comfortable, available, vacant,
48. PART 2 Directions: Read the texts that follow. A word or phrase is missing in each of the sentences below. Four answer choices are given below each sentence. Select the best answer to complete the sentence by clicking the letter (A), (B), (C), or (D). Questions 41-43 refer to the following notice. Ross %26 Bloom Publishing Group ______ a associate editor for the gardening section.
However, Moreover printable , Until then, In order that,
49. For how long has the magazine been published?
better, best, good , well,
50. What did potential customers NOT receive?
reminded, are reminded, would remind, had been reminded,
51. What will happen on January 12?
For , After dynamic quiz , Unlike, Without,
52. The accounting department will ______ a retirement reception for Mr. Jiles next Wednesday at 4:00 P.M.
On October 5, On October 7, On October 19, On October 23,
53. Question 60-62 refer to the following memo. From: Liam Perry, marketing director To: All marketing staff Date: August 5 Re: New line of juice products Last week was the end of the free-sample program for our new line of fruit juices. Potential customers received complimentary bottles of the drinks and 15%25 discount coupons for future purchases. They were then asked to complete feedback questionnaires. The program ran from July 15-July 31, and the discount, which applies to our full range of products, will be good until October 1. The following briefly summarizes information gathered through the program: %3e Three varieties were measured, listed here in descending order of customer popularit: Mango Mountain, Great Guave, and Yum Cocoplum %3e Analysis of the feedback questionnaires showed that customers felt Yum Cocoplum contained too much sugar. (This is a surprising finding because none of the brands are artificially flavored and they all preserve the natural taste of the fruit they are based on.) %3e Many customers rated the flavor combinations in Mango Mountain and Great Guava as %22superb.%22 I would like to hold a meeting with you next week to discuss these points in more detail. Jess Bronsky is putting together the agenda for the meeting and will notify you soon of the time and place. What is the purpose of the memo?
Refrigerator, Cooking ranges, Air conditioners, Washing machines,
54. What is NOT indicated on the order log?
Travel postcards, Photograph albums, Birthday cards, Personalized calendars,
55. Who is Mr. Skolski?
Provide free price estimates, Give advice about the design, Photograph family members, Create an online gallery of photographs,
56. Questions 86-90 refer to the following e-mails. E-mail Message From: To: Date: June 19 Subject: Vierra Motors story Dear Mr. Skolski, Your assistant Betsy Kim gave me your e-mail address when I spoke with her on the phone earlier today. She suggested that this would be the best way to contact you, as you are checking e-mail regularly. The reason I am writing is that we are planning to run a story about automakers in the inaugural issue of the Sunday magazine supplement of Everton Times. We would like to accompany this article with an interview focusing on your experience as executive manager of design at Vierra Motors. Would you be willing to talk to Dave Clarkson about your work in the car manufacturing industry? The conversation would be published in the second week of August. Mr. Clarkson would like to interview you in person but could certainly arrange a discussion by telephone or videoconference. In fact, we have already scheduled with your assistant a tentative meeting for July 30. We are hoping to include photos of you at your office, so please let us know if we can hold this date for a photo session or whether your office has suitable photos available that we could use if we do an interview by distance instead. Of course, we are happy to leave logistics regarding the meeting and photo session to your discretion. Please let me know if you need more information concerning the interview. I look forward to hearing from you. Ana Malta Garcia Assistant International Section Editor Everton Times E-mail Message From: To: Date: June 20 Subject: Re: Vierra Motors story Dear Ms. Garcia, It is a pleasure-and an honor- to be considered for this. I’m currently away on extended business, and I don’t think it’s likely that I’ll be back in the country before the first week in August. Perhaps Dave and I could arrange to speak on the phone sometime this week or next? If so, I’m sure you can get the photos you’ll need from Betsy. With best regards, Martin Skolski Why did Ms. Garcia write her e-mail?
A repair technician, A hiring supervisor english , An Internet subscriber, A customer service representative,
57. What is suggested about Arcoda City?
Frequent disconnections , A high subscription charge, Low speeds on the Internet, A long wait for repairs,
58. This full-time position requires a dynamic individual who will provide support for the editorial ______ of the magazine by researching and writing feature stories and columns
Offering better equipment to customers, Improving training for technical crews, Employing more repair workers results , Reducing service fees,
59. Please note that products ordered from Herb Emporium Online will not be shipped ______ full payment is received.
To report the results of the study, To request a deadline extension, To recommend new product names, To propose a new discount,
60. Jeffers Furniture. ___________ donated the prizes handed out on the first evening to the children
A discount certificate, A list of ingredients, A free sample of juice, A feedback form,
61. The word %22compromises%22 in paragraph 1, line 7, is closest in meaning to
Artificial ingredients were used., The discount procedure was confusing., The juice portions were too small., One of the juices was too sweet.,
62. How often should the cartrigde be replaced?
How to use filter cartridge effectively, How to choose the appropriate water filter, How to order the necessary repairs on the filter, How to analyze the quality of running water,
63. No new investments or acquisitions will be made without the _______ of Kolsen Records%27 board of directors.
Every two months, Every three months, Every four months, Every five months,
64. What is Ms. Tobin asked to do?
To release the filter for removal, To clean the cartridge, To adjust the water temperature, To select the filtering mode,
65. What is NOT mentioned as a way to reduce the weight of luggage?
To inquire about local tourism, To advetiseme a new organization, To recommend a change in the city law, To support cooperation with neighboring cities,
66. What is the purpose of the switch?
weakens, adjusts, matches, determines,
67. PART 3 Directions: In this part you will read a selection of texts, such as magazine and newspaper articles, letters, and advertisements. Each text is followed by several questions. Select the best answer for each question by clicking the letter (A), (B), (C), or (D). Questions 53-54 refer to the following invitation. You are invited to attend The 7th Annual European Household Appliances Exhibition Lucien Pernet Hall, Geneva, Switzerland October 19-23 %22New Solutions in Home Equipment%22 A wide range products, from kitchen appliances to air conditioning equipment, will be displayed throughout five days of the exhibition. This year%27s focus will be on cleaning systems, with laundry appliances representing over half of the exhibits. When does the event start?
It is building a new hotel., It has more parks than Tocasta Town., It is far away from Olsenburg City., It expects to attract more visitors.,
68. The Rio Blue jacket comes with a specially shaped pocket that prevents loose coins from _______ out.
The number of tourists decreased last year., Local hotels are frequently overbooked., Most tourists arrive in recreational vehicles., Local retaurants rely on business from tourists.,
69. Because the statistics she used came from a _______ source, Ms. Unger was confident that her model for predicting weather patterns would give accurate results.
Increasing advertising rates, Permitting overnight parking, Establishing a tourism committee, Attracting workers to the area,
70. enhance your shopping experience and communicate with you about new products and sales. We do not make customer names and postal addresses _________ to other
The revision of to a nutritional guidelines, Changes to a restaurant menu, New sources of ingredients, The publication of a new book,
71. Questions 63-65 refer to the following instructions. Aquapedra Water Filters The Aquapedra A5 water filter improves the taste and quality of drinking water. Once it is installed on a tap with cold running water, it is ready for frequent use with minimum maintenance. Periodic replacement of the filtering cartridge isall that is necessary. On average, after four months of use, the cartridge will lose effectiveness and should be replaced (there are three spare cartridges in the package). in most cases, little visible deposit accumulates in the cartridge for up to two months. To extend the lifetime of a cartridge, the filter is equipped with a switch that changes the mode from %22filtered%22 to %22unfiltered.%22 When the water dispensed from the tap is to be used for purposes other than drinking, this switch allow a the water to bypass the filter. What do the instructions explain?
They contain unique ingredients., They require little time to prepare., They are popular with costumers., They are not expensive to make.,
72. The afternoon _____ includes a trip to the Mitchell Art Museum and a tour of Ostar Island.
Serving suggestions, Estimated preparation time, Color photographs, Nutritional data,
73. The rear seats in the new Omaha Motors family car can be folded ________.
In April, In June, In July, In November,
74. under the direction of the managing editor. A university degree in journalism or a related field and at least two years of newspaper editing experience are required. _______ superb writing and editing skills, the qualified candidate is expected to demonstrate
Airport employees, Airline travelers, Travel industry experts, Luggage manufacturers,
75. Question 66-70 refer to the following letter. Olsen Business Association 110 Cornell Rd Olsenburg City, WI 530030 January 17 Mr. Kenneth Damian Olsenburg City Mayor City Hall Olsenburg City, WI 23090 Dear Mr. Mayor: I am writing on behalf of the Olsenburg Business Association to urge you to support legislation modifying the ban on overnight parking of large vehicles in our area. The number of tourists who travel in campers, motor homes, and other recreational vehicles (RVs) has increased significantly nationwide. While the proportion of visitors who arrive by RV is still small compared to more traditional tourists, I am sure you will agree that forcing RV tourists to leave every evening only comprises our efforts to promote tourism, which is connected to a substantial amount of income for our city. We are confident that making Olsenburg %22RV friendly%22 will benefit the local tourism industry and its employees. Three nearby cities that have lifted similar bans have reported positive results. Tocasta Town, Gamma Village, and Arcoda City are evidence that welcoming RV tourists can promote tourism, generating more revenue for restaurants and local shops. Next month, Arcoda City will even begin adding special RV parking areas in its parks. As you know, the tourism and food service industries employ over 25 percent of our workforce. Currently, however, many of our visitors are here only during the daytime, so we are losing business to neighboring cities. RV tourism would not compete with hotel tourism. In fact, it would only increase the total number of visitors to our city. I look forward to seeing you at the meeting next Thursday, where the city council will address this important issue. Respectfully yours, Linda Defrey Senior Vice President of Governmental Affairs Olsenburg Business Association What is the purpose of the letter?
Choosing bags recommended on airline Web sites, Packing smaller bottles of shampoo, Limiting the amount of clothing that is packed, Purchasing lightweight pieces of luggag,
76. The ________________ of the Municipal Park Restoration Project was announced yesterday by the local hospitality association.
The Tylart Quality Exchange, An authorized service center, The national hotlineweb page, An official Tylart retailer,
77. Mr. Uemura declined to ______ on rumors about how many medicines the drug manufacturer had in development.
Two years, Three years, Four years, Five years,
78. Tickets to ________ the variety show and the comedy show can now be purchased at special group rates.
They perform on-site repairs., They charge for repairs at the center., They provide telephone support., They are open 24 hours a day.,
79. Emone Motor Company has not _______ any delays in production or delivery to dealerships this quarter.
Contact the authorized service center in their area, Return the defective item before receiving the replacement, Get authorization from the national service hotline, Pay for the shipping of the replacement,
80. participating in the History of Montville Quiz. At the end of the second day, attendees were entertained with an exciting fireworks show followed by a live performance by the pop band Dinosaur Horizon. This annual event ________ with the help of many, many volunteers.
On the back of the page, On the suggestion board, On another sheet of paper online quizzes , At the bottom of the survey,
81. Avoid placing the digital scale _______ a source of excessive heat, as this may damage sensitive electronic components.
Airplane pilots, Airline passengers , Airport employees, Flight attendants,
82. Frequent changes in the market make it hard for stereo equipment producers to anticipate demand with much confidence ________ precision.
On Monday, On Tuesday, On Wednesday, On Thursday,
83. Questions 75-76 refer to the following article. Due to rising fuel costs, many airlines have recently reduced the allowable weight limits on checked luggage. Here are some things you can do before you fly to avoid any unexpected surprises.  Find out what your airline charges for overweight bags before you arrive at the airport. You can find this information on your airline’s Web site.  When shopping for luggage, choose a product made of lightweight materials. Some bags are heavier than others, even empty.  Bring travel-sized containers of shampoo and other toiletry items instead of full-sized containers. Also, avoid packing more clothing than necessary. For whom is this article most likely intended?
The gates are too far apart., There are not enough variety of food., There are not enough shops. tool for teachers , The signs are confusing.,
84. Most residents of Vilica rely __________ agriculture for their livelihood.
More individuals will be asked to participate, The questionnaires will be translated into more languages., The sheets will be distributed on board planes., A greater number of questions will be included.,
85. OE Furniture Company is _______ to providing contemporary furniture at old-fashioned prices.
To thank Mr. Skolski for reviewing an article, To request photographs of cars, To ask Mr. Skolski to meet with a reporter, To advertise a job opportunity,
86. Questions 91-95 refer to the following e-mail and order log. E-mail Message To: From: Date: November 23 Subject: Order confirmation Dear Mr. Ettinger, Thank you for ordering from the J%26L Online Store. This is to confirm that payment for your order has been received. While your order is being prepared for dispatch, we need further information about your preferred method of delivery. One item is currently out of stock (marked “WD” on the online shipment-status log) and is not due for delivery to our warehouse until tomorrow. The item marked “AO” (“in stock”) can be mailed out immediately along with “PP” and “TN” (“preferred order” and “regular order”) items. Do you want your order delivered in two separate shipments, or should they be dispatched together when all items become available? Note: In the unlikely event that you are not satisfied with your delivery, returns can be made within fifteen days of purchase, except for special offer items (available at less than €30 is reimbursed by the J%26L Online Store. Sincerely, Maria Delgado Shipping Department J%26L Online Store Order Tracking Log Customer: Ettinger Customer ID: 21352 Order number:909322 Order placed: Nov 23, 04:24 Last updated: Nov 23, 16:24 Title/Item Description Quantity Item Status 1. Enjoy Cooking Series (DVD) 1 AO 2. April Piano Concerto (CD) 1 TN 3. Ecuador-Live (travel guidebook) 1 PP 4. Sleight of Hand (novel by J. Ochoa) 2 WD 5. Kageworth Flight (video game) 1 AO Important: You may want to check this log again later, as status updates are posted online in regular four-hour intervals. What is Mr. Ettinger asked to do?
A company executive, A newspaper editor, A photographer, A journalist,
87. What is indicated about the next survey?
separation, judgment, feature, tact,
88. Audiris, a chemical produced bu Laken Biotech, has ______ to be an effective fertilizer for apple trees.
He will be unable to attend a meeting., He wants to change the design of a car. online quizzes , He will shorten a business trip., He will talk to Mr. Clarkson after August 1.,
89. What has the editor in chief suggested?
He has received a copy of the magazine, He has not received an invitation., He is currently out of the country., He refuses to give interviews.,
90. According to the memo, what should be included with submissions?
Make a payment, Choose a shipping option mix questions , Order a special offer item, Confirm the quantities of items ordered,
91. All products on _____ in the store window are available at reduced prices.
owed, proper, delayed, expected,
92. If you have any questions about Maxiel Corporation%27s services, please visit ______ Web site.
They each cost over €8., They need to be returned., They will be shipped for free., They were not found to be defective.,
93. What did the executive committee approve?
April Piano Concerto, Ecuador-Live, Sleight of Hand, Kageworth Flight,
94. What concern was reported by potential customers?
The customer%27s name, When the items were ordered, How frequently the log is updated elearning , When the order will be delivered,
95. Despite heavy competition from established carriers, Sopot Airlines has managed to do more than just _____ in the narrow luxury niche.
To suggest changing a magazine%27s content, To recommend publishing a reader%27s letter, To propose a new product, To order a sample CD,
96. What is indicated in Mr. Skolski%27s e-mail?
One year, Three years activity , Nine years online learning games , Ten years,
97. Questions 50-52 refer to the following advertisement. Booking at the Salvador Dourado Hotel Reservation a room at the Salvador Douarado Hotel is possible online at Its is recommended that room reservations ba made _____ in
Releasing an archive of magazine, Offering an extended subscription, Designing a new magazine, Writing a review of a CD,
98. Participation in the Louisville Business Worskshops is __________ to all business owners.
Find an old article in the archive, Write a story for the next issue online , Call the editor%27s office teaching , Give a demonstration,
99. An extended _______ of rainy weather would be favorable news to the farmers in the Challeys Valley.
The magazine celebrate its anniversary., The editorial board will meet with readers., The editor in chief will retire., The best magazine photographs will be exhibited.,