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Devil%27s Arithmetic #2 slider

1. unclean; untidy
slovens, jostling, appalled, contradict
2. shyness
timidity, diction, verdict, jostling
3. shocked
appalled, jostling, companionable, predict
4. energy
vigor, companionable, compression, timidity
5. reduction
compression, mesmerized, dictionary, slovens
6. results history hypnotized; captivated
mesmerized, appalled, compression, diction
7. bouncing; bumping
jostling web 2.0 , appalled, vigor, compression
8. to say what will happen before it occurs
predict, diction online learning games , companionable, contradict
9. a leader who rules with absolute power
dictator, vigor, appalled, verdict
10. formal words to charge a person with a crime
indictment, jostling, dictionary, contradict
11. what is written down as someone says it
dictation, appalled, dictator, mesmerized
12. the decision a jury makes
verdict, jostling, companionable, mesmerized
13. the manner in which something is expressed
diction, contradict, jostling, vigor
14. a reference book in which words are defined
dictionary, slovens, appalled, jostling
15. to speak against, to say the opposite
contradict, compression, dictation, slovens