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Mix of Eras

1969, Monroe Doctrine, Zora Neale Hurston, vietnamization results history , interventionism, Wal-Mart, Benito Mussolini matching excercise , hawks teacher , Roe vs Wade 1973, GI Bill , Ray Kroc, APPLE, Chrysler , Jeff Bezos, Cambodia, 14 yr old murdered for whistling at white woman, Dove, telegram, founder of Tuskegee Institute, Windmill, Lyndon B. Johnson, Andrew Carnegie, Henry Ford, WEB DuBois tool for teachers , staying away from entering a war, Anne Dallas Dudley, Richard Nixon, Populist Party,

invention that allowed for transmission of messages, Kent State Uni. students were shot while protesting , Emmett Till, struck down state laws that banned abortion, US turned over fighting in Vietnam to South Vietnamese online , people who opposed the war in Vietnam, leader of Italy during WWII - fascist dictator, She played a role in the Harlem Renaissance; she was a writer, Lee Iaccoca, Steve Jobs active teaching , landing of a man on the moon by the US; Neil Armstrong/Buzz, TN activist for women%27s suffrage, Used Bessemer Process to improve production, people who supported the goals of the Vietnam War, helping returning veterans get an education, isolationism, McDonalds, mostly farmers who supported regulation of railroads , Watergate scandal - resigned, stated that countries could not interfere with the Americas, Sam Walton ESL , assembly line, This president was pro education and anti-poverty, farmers in dry regions used it, Getting involved in a war by interceding online ,, Booker T Washington, one of the founders of the NAACP,