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SD 11: Server-Side / Client-Side Languages

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Array, Imitates a computer, PERL, Shebang, Function, Java, Perl, Statement improve results , PHP improve results , %3cscript%3e, Class, ASP create online tests , Variable, JavaScript %26 VB SCript, Web Server, JavaScript,

A collection of variables stored in a series, A line of code referring to a whole series of code, %22Write once, run any where%22 is the moto for which application, Ccross-platform programming language allows custom CGIs, Used to point to the location of the PERL interpreter, Two most popular client-side languages, The tag needed for starting JavaScript, A server side language code is executed by this, An object-based language adds interactivity to Web Pages , The term used for a similar group of objects school , A place in memory used to store information, The job of an emulator is what? short answer questions , A scripting languge for creating dynamic Web pages , A type of HTML language beginnif with letter %27P%27 crossword maker , Microsoft%27s original server-side scripting solution, Allows you to control information flow in an application,