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Hearing colours, eating sounds (MC)

Uzupełnij luki w tekstach JEDNYM wyrazem, tak aby otrzymać logiczny i gramatycznie poprawny tekst.

1. People with the most common synaesthesia- # %27syn%27 as they sometimes refer to it- perceive words, letters and numbers as distinct colours.
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2. Do they hear the same things and see the same colours? People with synaethesia really # experience the world differently.
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3. Some see colours and patterns wheb they hear music or words. # %27taste%27 %27syn%27 as they as they sometimes refer to it- perceive words, letters and numbers in distinct colours.
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4. New scientific research shows that condition can take a variety # forms.
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5. As many in 2000 people has an extraordinary condition in # the five senses intermigle.
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6. Most synaesthetes find their condition enriching. # for others it can be unsettling because sounds produce uncomroftable colours, words, provoke old tastes.
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7. For neuroscientists, modern technology is at # making possible to study synaesthesia, and revealing in in the process a great deal about the brain processes sensory information in all of us.
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