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Drag the sentences/questions to the appropriate category.

Asking for help, Apologizing/Making excuses, Working in pairs/groups, Greetings/Small talk,

interactive Can/could you say that again, please?, distant learning Can you help me, please?, Could I have a copy, please?, Could you explain something, please?, Is it correct to say...?, What does .... mean?, How do you say ... in Enlgish?, How do you spell it?, How do you pronounce it?, Where\%27s the stress?, What\%27s the opposite of ...?, What\%27s the past tense of ...?, What\%27s the difference between ... and ...?, web tool Sorry I\%27m late., I couldn\%27t come to class on (Monday) because..., I couldn\%27t do my homework because..., I won\%27t be able to come next week because..., improve results I have to leave early today because..., I have to leave early today because..., What do we have to do?, What did she say?, We haven\%27t finished yet., Whose turn is it?, short answer questions Let\%27s start., It\%27s my/your turn., language What do you think?, Do you agree?, I agree/I don\%27t agree (with you)., Hang on a minute. , Have a nice afternoon/ weekend! - You too., See you tomorrow/on (Tuesday)!, How was your weekend?,