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Chocolate history (MC)

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1. Nestle%27s recently-invented condensed milk was easy to mix # cocoa paste.
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2. Cadbury%27s %27Dairy Milk%27, first developed in 1905, is # UK%27s most popular chocolate bar. Milk chocolate is now wordl%27s best-selling variety.
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3. Cocoa butter melts at around 97 F, # is human body temperature. That is why chocolate melts in the mouth. In 1875, Swiss Daniel Peter perfected the manufacture of milk chocolate, which is sweeter and smoother than dark chocolate.
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4. 16th century European explorers brought the drink # from their travels, added sweeter flavourings, and soon it was popular as an expensive luxury.
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5. Theobroma is Greek # %27food of gods%27.
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6. Chocolate is made # the seeds of the tree Theobroma cacao.
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7. In the late 19th century Rudolphe Lindt of Switzerland started adding extra cocoa butter during chocolate manufacture # make it smoother and glossier.
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8. Mechanical grinders crushed cocoa, and a powder that was obtained in this way could be heated and poured into moulds, forming shapes # it coolled.
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9. In # 1800s, solid chocolate became popular after the invention of moulding processes.
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10. The ancient Aztecs venerated the cacao tree as a source of strength and wealth and assigned their god Quetzalcoatl # guardian.
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11. The Aztecs discovered that # crushing the beans into a paste and adding spices, they could make a refreshing and nourishing drink.
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