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WOW 13 (Robin Hood)

1. reich
rich, poor, wife, brave
2. arm
poor, rich, brave, arm
3. Wald
wood / forest, town, husband, outlaw
4. sich wiedersetzen
to defy, to escape, to return, to arrest
5. Gesetzloser
outlaw, hero, law, bridegroom
6. heiraten
to marry, How dare you?, marriage, bride
7. Ehefrau
wife, bride, husband, groom
8. Ehemann
husband, wife educational activities , outlaw, bridegroom
9. Hochzeit
wedding quiz generator , arrow, to marry, bride
10. Braut
bride, to pay, to marry, justice
11. Bräutigam
bridegroom, traffic jam, to arrest, disgusting
12. Gerechtigkeit
justice, hero, disgusting, to marry
13. crossword maker Recht
right, hero, How dare you....?, disgusting
14. tapfer
brave, behaviour, How dare you....?, law
15. Gesetz
law, twice, poor, outlaw
16. Held
hero, to marry, husband, todefy
17. Stärke
strength, behaviour, hero, to promise
18. verhaften
to arrest, behaviour, wedding, traffic jam
19. Gefängnis
prison, wife, to be stuck, to marry
20. dynamic quiz Pfeil
arrow, to promise, todefy, right
21. bezahlen
to pay results , outlaw, to rob, actor
22. Macht
power , wood / forest, strength, to trust
23. zerstören
to destroy, bride, traffic jam, arrow
24. Verhalten, Benehmen
behaviour, wedding, to pay, bridegroom
25. zweimal
twice, behaviour, bride, right
26. befehlen
to order, to trust distant learning , hero, power
27. Wie kannst du es wagen...?
How dare you....?, disgusting, wood / forest, rich
28. fliehen, entkommen
to escape, bridegroom, twice, husband
29. online versprechen
to promise, to return, to escape, right
30. vertrauen
to trust, husband online quizzes , traffic jam, brave
31. zurückkehren
to return, wood / forest results , to rob, to be stuck
32. Schauspieler
actor, bridegroom, How dare you....?, to arrest
33. Stau
traffic jam, arrow, bridegroom, to promise
34. stecken bleiben
to be stuck, husband, power , to marry
35. ekelerregend, ekelhaft
disgusting, poor, rich, to escape