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11 grade. CHUKOTKA.

Answer the questions,

1. No one knows including Abramivoch himself why he chose Chukotka.
is nine time zones behind the RF capital., is one of the earliest places on earth along with some other world regions. e-learning , attracted the attention of one of the wealthiest men on the planet. online learning games , is regarded as one of the safe territories where there crime leve is extremely low.,
2. Chukotka is rich in natural resources including oil, gas and gold.
was constantly pouring money out of the region the governor of which he had been voted in 2000., turned Anadyr into a place with rapidly growing economy., was not born in Chukotka., owns a football club in Chukotka, which he aptly named Blizzard.,
3. Local people didn%27t like the fact that Roman Abramovich came to Chukotka only monthly and, having learned about this, he stopped coming to the region at all.
that this settlement or community has been experiencing sudden and rapid population and economic growth., that in the town there are a lot of entertainment places which regularly get too loud., that it is a noisy industrial settlement., the town is not very safe.,
4. The phrase %22boom town%22 in the text means ...
5. (MULTI-ANSWER) Roman Abramovich ...
6. (MULTI-ANSWER) Chukotka...
7. No one is greatful to Roman Abramovich for what he has done in the region except one person, Nathalia, who runs the local Internet service.
8. (MULTI-ANSWER) Because of the extremely cold and weird weather in Chukotka ...
9. Spring and summer in Chukotka usually start in June and last for about 2 months.
10. The phrase %22yesterday collides with today in Chukotka%22 is used in the text to demonstrate the idea that...
TRUE, FALSE generate answer keys , ,
11. Before the first supermarket appeared in Anadyr there was a weekly fair in the town where one could buy such exotic things for the inhabitants as Greek olive oil and Scottish whisky.
the inhabitants are sometimes in two minds about what day of the week it is., the region lies right near the International Dateline., the territory is too far from other populated areas of Russia. , no one knows exactly when the next summer will start in the region. ,