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Post WWII era

Cuban Missile Crisis, Vietnam War multiple choice questions , Korean War build your own quiz , Bay of Pigs invasion,
2. Which two events are associated with the island country in the map above?
Citizens must be free to preach and believe whatever they want, US forces should not be in Vietnam - Even if it falls to communism, its distance from our shores makes it of little consequence quiz builder , Communism is not even contained within our own borders. It has seeped into the halls of our own political high palaces., Thank God communism has been stamped out in America,
3. Who were the Clinton Twelve?
brinkmanship, detente, red scare, integration,
4. The area depicted above is most associated with the
He thought it was necessary to establish a %22Great Society%22, He opposed segregation, He wanted to win the Space Race, He wanted to stop communism in Southeast Asia,
5. Which of the following best describes baby boomers?
blacks who refused to sit at the back of a bus in Alabama, black students who sat in Nashville diners as a form of protest, blacks who helped integrate a Tennessee high school, blacks killed in the Birmingham bombing,
6. Elvis Presley, Nashville, and Sun Studio were all known for their
the idea that blacks should have equal rights, what methods to use to achieve civil rights, whether or not to publicly call for equality, the idea that religion can play a role in the fight for civil rights,
Johnson%27s domestic program designed to end poverty, Johnson%27s foreign policy to win in Vietnam online , Nixon%27s approach to dealing with China and the Soviet Union, A youth counterculture that developed in the 1950s and continued to the 60s,
8. %22Chrysler was dying before he stepped in. It%27s amazing how he saved it and breathed life back into the corporation.%22
contributions to the Civil Rights movement, role in supporting Students for a Democratic society, failure to survive the rise of youth counterculture, contributions to American music after WWII,
9. Which of the following statements would Joseph McCarthy have most agreed with?
60s.gif, , ,
10. This Tennesseean helped revolutionize rock n roll and define a youth counterculture.
1950s counterculture, 1960s counterculture test , Elvis Presley, the Grand Ole Opry,
11. Which of the following bonds the area depicted in the map above economically?
Women arent always happiest in the kitchen, Women can play many important roles. But without a doubt, the most fulfilling and complete role is that of a mother, Women should not retreat from political involvement, The idea that marriage and motherhood is the source of a women%27s fulfillment is false.,
12. During the Cuban Missile Crisis, the US and USSR almost engaged in nuclear war. The strategy that it was best to hold firm all the way to the edge of a nuclear was was known as
brinkmanship, the Cold War, containment, the Marshall Plan,
13. Which of the following statements would Betty Friedan have most likely DISAGREED with?
nafta.jpg, , ,
14. Which of the following do many people in the US consider a disadvantage of free global trade?
Treaty of Versailles, NASDAQ, Gulf of Tonkin Resolution, NAFTA,
15. The strategy to accept communism in Eastern Europe while not letting it spread to other parts of the world was known as
the end of the Cold War, the budget surplus of the late 90s, Clinton%27s impeachment, the failure of healthcare reform in the early 90s,
16. Kennedy%27s decision to blockade Cuba in 1962 was an example of
creates too many tariffs, creates too many US markets, not enough shipping capabilities matching excercise , can cost US workers their jobs when work is outsourced,
17. Why did President Johnson elect to send US troops to fight in Vietnam?
cuba.jpg, , ,
18. NAFTA is an example of
Korean and Vietnam Wars, Marshall Plan and the Truman Doctrine, Bay of Pigs and the Cuban Missile Crisis, Iran Contra scandal and the War on Terror,
19. Which city is often labeled as Music City, USA?
Cordell Hull, Anne Dallas, Elvis Presley online quizzes , Al Gore,
poorer than previous generations, less educated than their parents, often grew up in suburbs, rarely experienced consumerism,
21. On which issue would MLK Jr and Malcolm X have most likely disagreed?
Memphis, TN, Chattanooga, TN, Nashville, TN, Knoxville, TN,
Michael Dell, Jeff Bezos, Donald Trump, Lee Iacocca,
23. The photo above most likely depicts
a federal agency, an organization formed by Af Americans to fight for Civil Rights, New Deal programs computer assisted language learning , free trade,
24. What was the %22Great Society%22?
brinkmanship, detente, peaceful coexistence, containment,